Sunday, 19 February 2017

Season of Art 101 - Watercolours & Texture

Still playing with texture, thanks for this week's awesome Get Messy's texture tutorial by Riet. I spread some light molding paste through some bright orange plastic netting from a bag of oranges, to represent the wheat field in the foreground. Once that was dry, I used watercolours to create the background & add colour to the wheat field. Although this page does not do it justice, this is a typical view from the outskirts of Calgary looking west: rolling fields to the foothills and in the distance, the majestic Rocky Mountains.


  1. Oh, wow! Wha a beautiful paniting!

    1. :-) thanks for the lovely comment.

  2. There needs to be a "like" function. I like this!

  3. Indeed, there must be a widget or something for that ... hmmm... I'll put that on my to do list!